Welcome to Gapps Early. A simple site with one purpose, to house links to all the Google App updated apks that get put out there. Over the years we have all had to wait and watch various sites, like XDA-Developers or various blogs in hopes that the the latest and greatest version of an app would get posted up so that we didn't have to wait on the slow process of it getting to our devices. To help make your lives, and our lives, a whole lot easier we decided that a simple and easy to use site with all the updated files would be pretty darn nice and keep us from having to search constantly. 

So, here we are. As apps get updates we will put the links to them along with their version number on their appropriate pages.You can navigate to those pages above in the menu, or just go to the "Downloads" tab. We will be adding much more to this page as time allows, like links to beta apps and various other projects. 

DISCLAIMER: Any file you download and install is your sole responsibility. Gapps Early is not responsible or liable for your device if it grows legs and eats your cat. Or more importantly, if the app fails or causes issues. It is always best to wait for the staged rollout from Google to come to you through the Play Store. While all the files you find here are either directly from a Nexus device, or from a Play Store update, there is always the risk of failure. All files posted and linked are used and tested.